Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How special var is in C#, var can't be the type of property of class C#

var is static typed - the compiler and runtime know the type - they just save you some typing... the following are 100% identical:
var s = "abc";
string s = "abc";

All that happened was that the compiler figured out that s must be a string (from the initializer). In both cases, it knows (in the IL) that s.Length means the (instance) string.Length property.
dynamic is a very different beast; it is most similar to object, but with dynamic dispatch:
dynamic s = "abc";
Here, s is typed as dynamic. It doesn't know about string.Length, because it doesn't knowanything about s at compile time. For example, the following would compile (but not run) too:
dynamic s = "abc";
At runtime (only), it would check for the FlibbleBananaSnowball property - fail to find it, and explode in a shower of sparks.
With dynamic, properties / methods / operators / etc are resolved at runtime, based on the actualobject. Very handy for talking to COM (which can have runtime-only properties), the DLR, or other dynamic systems, like javascript.

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